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The Pros and Cons of Using an Income Property to Fund Your Retirement

Posted by Stuart Wen on October 25, 2016

The nest egg, the pension plan, and downsizing. If retirement has started to peek up over the horizon then it’s likely you’ve been thinking about these things more and more. But there’s another option you may not have considered.

Enter: the income property.

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Calgary’s Upcoming Events For November 2016

Posted by Stuart Wen on October 21, 2016

Looking for something to do this November? From evening theatre to dining adventures and seasonal tours there's a host of events across Calgary and surrounding area for people of all ages. We’ve selected a handful of our favourites, but there’s far more than this list alone, so don’t stop here! You can learn more about Calgary’s upcoming events on the Visit Calgary website.

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Downsizing After Retirement: 5 Things To Consider

Posted by Stuart Wen on October 18, 2016

If retirement is on the horizon, there'a good chance you've considered downsizing. It should come as no surprise that there are a lot of desirable reasons to do so. Making the transition is a big decision though, and there are many factors to take into consideration. As retirement continues to inch closer, here are a few things to consider as you explore a downsized future.

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Mortgage Rules Are Changing: Here’s What You Need To Know

Posted by Stuart Wen on October 13, 2016

If you’re in the market for a new home this piece applies to you. On Monday, October 3, 2016, the federal government announced four major changes in housing rules for Canadian homebuyers. The changes focus on two areas: mortgage debt and foreign buyers. We’ve put together a brief summary of each change, and what these changes might mean for you.

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Top Areas for Active Living in Calgary

Posted by Stuart Wen on October 11, 2016

When it comes to active living there aren’t many cities with more green space and more opportunity for adventure than the City of Calgary. After all, you can see the Rockies from nearly every corner of the city. For this reason, we’ve highlighted a few regions featuring some extra perks, factoring in things like access to the mighty mountains and unique green space nearby.

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Condo Living: Everything You Need To Know About Common Property

Posted by Stuart Wen on October 07, 2016

Condo living is unique among property types in that it combines personal property and shared property in one living space. The technical term for this shared space is common property. Why should common property matter to you? Well, for starters, you own it, and you’ve invested in it. It’s not entirely yours, mind you; it’s shared equally among every condo owner. But you do have a stake in the decisions surrounding its use.

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10 Tips for Hosting Thanksgiving in a Condo

Posted by Aaron Bhawan on October 04, 2016

You absolutely love to host, but you live in a small space. What do you do? Fear not, urban condo dweller! We’re here for you.

If you’re feeling the pressure of hosting this Thanksgiving, owning a small home can cause some anxiety. It’s understandable, but we want you to know that your home, regardless of size, can be the perfect holiday venue. Often it’s just a matter of some strategic planning and creativity. Here are ten tips to boost your confidence this holiday season.

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Community Spotlight: The Loop In Evanston

Posted by Aaron Bhawan on September 30, 2016

Located in the popular northwest community of Evanston, StreetSide’s latest development has Calgarians eagerly awaiting to become part of this exciting new neighbourhood. Offering ample green space, scenic views, a ton of nearby amenities and plenty of stylish home models to choose from, the Loop in Evanston is the city’s most anticipated new townhome community.

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